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  The Japanese School in London provides students with an education based on the Japanese National Curriculum, which enables them to acquire all the subject knowledge taught in Japan, correct Japanese language and knowledge of Japanese culture even though they live abroad. Additionally, we also provide a good English education to all the students from Year 1 to Year 9, making use of being in Britain. Primary students have three English lessons a week. Secondary students (Years 7 - 9) have English lessons under Japanese guidelines four times a week. They also have English communication lessons twice a week. Each year group has classes streamed according to English language ability. The English department is also keen to incorporate new technology into lessons. Teachers regularly use computers and interactive whiteboards in class.

  The English department aims for primary students to continually improve the students’ overall level of English in all four skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking. In classes, students read texts, practise writing and spelling and have many opportunities for speaking practice. Most classes follow a text book, allowing the students to see their progress clearly as they learn new vocabulary, grammar and skills. Each year three year groups (Years 4-6) work towards and take part in an English Song Contest, which is always hotly contested. Students are judged on their English pronunciation as well as their ability to sing and put on a show. Also, The English Department aims for secondary students to able to use the language  appropriately, effectively and fluently and perform effectively across the four macro-skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The Department offers  secondary students appropriately graded meaning focused output, meaning focused input and fluency development in a course of study based on skill development and practise in class.

  To improve all four skills in English, it is important to keep practising English continually, not only in the classrooms, but also outside in actual English settings. The English Department website has advice for learning English at home and a list of useful links.









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