Recommended links

For younger students

Children's BBC
Here you can find games, music, news and TV shows.

For everyone

BBC Learning English
A very useful site for older learners. You can read the news in simple English, study grammar, read stories and learn new vocabulary.

For older students

Oxford Owl
On this site you can read many books from the Oxford Reading Tree selection.

British Council Kids
This site has music stories and games to practise English.

Links to all kinds of games, activities and ways to practise English

Channel 4 learning
Resources, games and activities aimed at all ages of children attending local schools.

The Book Trust
The place to find book recommendations, information about books and authors and everything else you could possibly want to know about books.

Learn to type or practise your typing skills online

Great for learning the alphabet and phonics and learning to read. There are lots of fun animated stories to enjoy.

Roy the Zebra
Practise new grammer and punctuation with Roy and his friends. You can also read his life story!

Child friendly and safe site with English games and stories.

BBC Bitesize
A website designed to help British students revise for national tests. There are lots of fun activities for all stages of the National Curriculum.

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